From its office in Augusta, Georgia, the law firm of Crowder Stewart LLP serves the litigation needs of businesses and professionals, including doctors and others in the health care industry. We are trial lawyers who have spent decades as Assistant U.S. Attorneys handling complex litigation.

We therefore have the experience, skills, and resources to handle complex legal matters, including civil and criminal litigation, administrative proceedings, and internal investigations.

Accomplished in South Carolina and Georgia

Our attorneys’ qualifications are both individually and collectively impressive. We are accomplished trial lawyers with extensive experience practicing in federal and state courts throughout the southeastern United States.

Attentive Client Service

We strive to maintain a small-firm atmosphere, while still providing our clients excellent legal representation in a wide range of complex disputes, including civil litigation, business litigation, white collar criminal litigation and administrative disputes with federal and state agencies. Our relationships, dedication to quality, understanding of the law, and commitment to client service create a unique ability to achieve results for our clients in all areas of our representation.