Spotlight on Healthcare Fraud Defense: Crowder Stewart LLP Leading Defense Against Aggressive Healthcare Fraud and False Claims Act Prosecutions

Very recently, in late June 2018, the United States Attorney’s Office for the Southern District of Georgia announced that it filed several criminal charges and civil complaints against a range of healthcare providers, including doctors, nurses, and hospital systems, as part of a national healthcare fraud enforcement action.

Noting that the action was the largest takedown in the Southern District of Georgia’s history, the criminal charges including unlawful distribution of controlled substances, substantive healthcare fraud, making false statements relating to healthcare matters, theft from a program receiving federal funds, and other serious charges.  On the civil side, the United States Attorney reached several civil settlements under the False Claims Act, when combined totaled in the millions of dollars.  These actions were part of a much larger “takedown” of over 600 individuals accused of healthcare fraud.

All doctors and healthcare providers would be wise to take proactive steps to protect themselves and their practices against such aggressive moves by federal prosecutors.  Unfortunately, when the federal government takes such aggressive positions, many innocent and well-intentioned physicians are caught up in the larger nets of the investigations.

The attorneys at Crowder Stewart LLP, all of whom are former federal prosecutors and members of the S.D.Ga. Healthcare Fraud Task Force, have extensive experience defending healthcare providers in connection with government investigations and prosecutions involving unlawful distribution of controlled substances and drug diversion, healthcare fraud, the False Claims Act, and false statements related to healthcare matters.  If we can assist you or your healthcare practice in connection with a government investigation, either civil or criminal, please do not hesitate to contact us at (706) 434-8799 or